2017 Bayou State Circuit Standings

2017 Louisiana Homebrew Club of the Year

Homebrew Club Total Points
Redstick Brewmasters72
River Cities Brew Krewe16
Brasseurs a la Maison9
Bicycle Brew Club7
Red Rice Brew Krewe5
Central Arkansas Fermenters4
Cypress Suds3
Southern Nevada Ale Fermenters Union (SNAFU)2
East Texas Brewer's Guild2
Ale Riders Homebrew Club2
Prince William Sound Brewers Guild1
Jefferson County Home Brewers (JCHB)1
Good Time Brewers1

2017 Louisiana Homebrewer of the Year

Brewer Homebrew Club Total Points
Bruce BakerRedstick Brewmasters17
Keith PrimeauxRedstick Brewmasters12
Fred GearyRedstick Brewmasters12
Darin BoydRiver Cities Brew Krewe12
Charlie MilanRedstick Brewmasters8
Tre HaydelBicycle Brew Club7
Jeremy WatersRedstick Brewmasters6
Eric Van GorderRedstick Brewmasters6
Marcus RutherfordBrasseurs a la Maison5
Bob PurcellRed Rice Brew Krewe5
Jordan AdcockRedstick Brewmasters4
Bill ChildressBrasseurs a la Maison4
Michael Eckert, Jake Anderson, Matthew ScottCypress Suds3
James SpurlinCentral Arkansas Fermenters3
Jacob SeagleRedstick Brewmasters3
Gerald BaumgartnerRedstick Brewmasters3
Barret Murphy3
Rafael Mata2
Nathan SlaughterRiver Cities Brew Krewe2
Jeremy SayeRiver Cities Brew Krewe2
Jagers DamianEast Texas Brewer's Guild2
Branden CarlsonAle Riders Homebrew Club2
Bill MorelandSouthern Nevada Ale Fermenters Union (SNAFU)2
Matthew DuheRedstick Brewmasters1
John PaulPrince William Sound Brewers Guild1
Jim Allen1
Grant Chandler and Will KellyCentral Arkansas Fermenters1
Gary BlackJefferson County Home Brewers (JCHB)1
David RobichauxGood Time Brewers1