Upcoming Competition Details

Clash of the Carboys

Host: Redstick Brewmasters

Competition Date: August 31st, 2024
Entry Deadline: July 27th, 2024
Entry Limit: 100
Accepted Styles: BCJP 2021 Style Guidelines
  • Categories 1 to 26

2024 Homebrewer of the Year

Rank Brewer Homebrew Club Total Points
1John BlackBay Area Mashtronauts9
2Wesley KulcakBay Area Mashtronauts8
2Dirk MontgomeryRed Earth Brewers8
2Jeff OberlinNINJA Homebrewers8
2Randy DailyBay Area Mashtronauts8
6Jake JonesBay Area Mashtronauts7
6Travis CherryBay Area Mashtronauts7
8Jeremy HatfieldBay Area Mashtronauts6
8Chris DailySan Antonio Cerveceros6
10Kim HynekRed Earth Brewers5
10Joel CervantesBay Area Mashtronauts5
10Mike & Stephanie ButlerKansas City Bier Meisters5

2024 Homebrew Club of the Year

Rank Homebrew Club Total Points
1Dead Yeast Society [LA]8
2Redstick Brewmasters7
3Big Easy Homebrewers2
* Only eligible clubs per the Circuit Rules are displayed. Click below for the full standings including all clubs.